John Poole, author of RINYA

The Seneca say a story will stalk you,
and if it finds you worthy,
it will come to live in your heart.

John Poole, science teacher at Malcolm X Elementary School in Berkeley California, was hiking along the shores of San Francisco Bay when he sat at the site of an old Indian village, near its ancient mortar holes in the exposed rocks, by the side of Cerrito Creek. Dreaming there on that hillside, he began to imagine the life of a boy growing up in a village like this, before the Spanish conquest.

When he got home, he wrote it down.After, he began to research the names and dates that have come down to us through history and oral storytelling and developed the story of Rinya. Later, when Destiny Kinal and Judith Thomas, publishers of sitio tiempo press, read Rinya, they asked John if they could publish it. He agreed and became a member of the collective.

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