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Rinya, By John Poole

The story of a small boy in the Bay Area at the time of First Contact with the Spanish missionaries.

Burning Silk, By Destiny Kinal

In the sensuous and erotic lineage of Anais Nin, Marguerite Duras, Lenore Kandel and Carole Maso, Destiny Kinal has crafted her debut novel to transport the reader to an exquisitely imagined 19th century: From French perfumers in Grasse… to the silk magnanerie, where, each spring, women raise silkworms while men tend the mulberry, the worms’ preferred food… from the matrilineal way of life of the Iroquois and métis natives of mixed blood… to the possibilities for radical social change posed by utopian communities of the northeastern United States.

“Burning Silk is an erotic novel not for the faint of heart. The novel delves deep into the topics of sexuality and the journey into womanhood. It is a rich, complex story that is not to be rushed when reading it. ”

Historical Novel Review

“I hardly know where to start to describe the complex and sensual tale that is Burning Silk. Layer upon layer of themes are explored, but the overarching theme is that of a young woman’s journey, her metamorphosis, from uninitiated naiveté into maturity in her profession of maitresse of her family’s magnanerie (the sacred facility in which silkworms are nurtured as they mature toward their final purpose), which is inextricably linked to her own sexual and personal awakening. ”

Queen's Quill Review

“Exquisitely written, Burning Silk is a fine piece of literary historical fiction. ”

Midwest Book Review

“The author was inspired to investigate her own maternal line when her grandmother told her they were Irish, German, Welsh, Scots and French. Fascinated by the possible French connection, she spent fifteen years researching the Huguenots and the European sites of their industry and persecution. The result is the first in a trilogy of novels about a Huguenot family which fled from France to Hesse, Germany in 1685, and re-established their reputation for making fine silk…. ”

The Cross of Languedoc, National Huguenot Society

“...an epic work of fiction, doused in rich historical language and time, exploring the role of woman as mother, daughter, sister, lover, and self. A complex, multilayered book, Burning Silk tells a story with power and identity, letting the characters develop into themselves. It exposes given certainties and changes them; a child becoming a woman, the first experience of sexuality, confronting ones innermost desires, the voices used to speak to ourselves and others. It is truly unlike any book I’ve ever read. ”

The Crowded Leaf

“The writing is rich and vivid, almost as though you are watching it on a movie screen. Burning Silk is also is very sensual, much like the silk that the Duladiers are creating. Destiny Kinal has woven an intriguing story that can be likened to a metamorphosis. Laced with secrets, history, and sensuality, this novel offers what most historical romances lack. I also have to say that the artwork on the cover practically screams 'pick me up and read me.' ”

Historical Novels Review Online

“A book as original as it is gripping, Kinal weaves a tale that manages to include the arcane world of French Huguenot silkmakers, the physiology of scent and silkworms, and American Indian mythology. Her heroine's complexity, eroticism, and passionate commitment guarantee this fictional character a place of honor in every reader's psyche.”

George Michelsen Foy, author

Buring Silk

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  • ISBN: 9780984458417
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  • Pages: 366