The collective who contributed to Rinya

Destiny Kinal & Judith Thomas

Destiny and Judith, publishers and principals, were introduced to the author through his work as a science teacher at Malcolm X Elementary School. He designed and led an annual trip to Codornices Creek, teaching fourth grade children how to analyze a creek and assess its health.

Judith and Destiny wanted to publish John's creek unit, and--while visiting him--found out he had written this story.

Both are writers and book artists, Destiny setting type and printing on a press and Judith bookbinding.

Destiny is working on The Textile Trilogy, novels about the roots of modernity in the 19th century. Burning Silk was published in 2010.

Judith is a weaver and basketmaker who belongs to California Indian Basketmakers (CIBA.) Judith is also the founder of Ariadne's Thread, a textile explorations venture, which leads Weaving a Life sessions as well as other pursuits in craft.

Bernadette Zambrano

JoAnne Grandstaff

JoAnne, editor, is an indigenous writer, teacher and editor from Kickapoo and Potawatomi tribes. JoAnne, who specializes in drawing story from her students, worked with John Poole to clarify and his story, in the sweathouse of re-vision.

Laura Greer

Laura, projects coordinator, is an excellent researcher, collecting bits and bytes from distant places to bring them home, at precisely the time we need them. Laura is webmaster for Reinhabitory Institute.

Christine Dougherty

Christine, systems organizer

Nancy Austin

Nancy, book designer, brought her considerable lifetime of experience and talent to making Rinya the book it was always meant to be.

Susanna Tadlock

Susanna, production manager, shepherded Rinya from the book designer through printing. Susanna has been in the book industry professionally since she was a young adult and brings a world of knowledge to our publishing ventures.

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